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How MODsocket Works

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Follow our simple to use three-step process to begin: Create account, tell us a little about your business, book your initial consultation.

Meet With Your Consultant

After sign-up, discuss your business goals with your Marketing Consultant. Your consultant will then create your custom Marketing Plan!

Review Your Marketing Plan

Your Marketing Plan will include a list of marketing recommendations and tactics. Your consultant will assist with executing your plan.

Act … Review … Repeat!

Marketing is a process not an event. Review progress regularly and leverage your Marketing Department to achieve real success.

You Don't Need to Be a Professional Marketer. You Need a Marketing Team.

MODsocket The Marketing Department for Small Business – is here to help you.

Save Time

You already have a job running your business. Why waste time finding and herding marketing experts, graphic artists, web designers, copy writers, photographers, and/or videographers – when you can find them all, and more, right here?.

Save Money

You’re in business to make money right? Well, saving you time is saving you money. And, with MODsocket, you can keep more of it by paying for only the marketing services you need – all priced to be affordable for Small Business.

Get Results

Let your Marketing Department focus on great marketing .. while you focus on great service. The combination is a proven formula for business success: connect with the right customers, and make them happy!


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How Much Does MODsocket Cost?
The first month is absolutely free. After 30 days, if you like it, (and you will) you can continue using your new marketing department for only $49.95 per month with no long-term contract. You are always free to cancel at any time for any reason.
Do I Need a Credit Card to Try MODsocket?
Who Uses MODsocket?
People like you. People who understand that they need to market their business, but just don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in. Our advertising veterans will formulate and execute a marketing plan that fits your budget and transforms your marketing dreams into reality.

Customer Feedback

  • Finto Bridal Cleaners | Dallas, Texas David Finto

    I was one of the first people to sign up with MODsocket. Running my dry cleaners was all-consuming and had become boring to me. So what I wanted was to evolve my business to focus on wedding gown prep and storage. That meant not just a name change, but a business model change. I had no idea how to do that without losing money. MODsocket gave me a solid marketing AND business plan to accomplish this goal with marketing, without sacrificing my current cleaning business. I really wasn't expecting this level of dedication to my success. These guys are my permanent business partners now.

  • The Handy Camel | Kansas City, Missouri Tom & Amy Gray

    We discovered MODsocket via our friend, Harold Bradley. My wife and I are serial entrepreneurs, and have built several businesses from the ground up. Our marketing needs went well beyond just a logo and website. Having done marketing myself for many years, I knew exactly what I wanted. So MODsocket plays a unique role with us. They give us literally every marketing medium available today all in one place. And we don't have to do anything ourselves! Our leadership from our consultant is outstanding. We have weekly contact and the work is done quickly, on schedule and is beautifully executed. Any business today that is looking for the one stop solution unlike ANYTHING you have ever seen or heard of…look no further. These guys are great!

  • Me Thyme | New Jersey Cheryl Sharp

    I am a retired R.N. I am also an entrepreneur with a passion for creating. That led me to launch a line of body lotions, bath salts and more. I had tried Fiverr to create my logo, but what I really got was just a typeface. I found MODsocket and gave them a shot, not knowing what to expect. Right off the bat I knew it was different, because they connected me to my very own account executive with years of marketing experience at the big agencies. It quickly became clear that this wasn't just some place to order marketing materials I could afford. It was a solution I could count on weekly to help guide my business with insights and marketing knowledge you literally cannot find anywhere else. As for the work they deliver… fast, affordable…and incredible!

  • The Bug Ninja | Chicago, Illinois Calvin Bond

    I got my certification to be an exterminator while working at my regular job. I was getting close to retirement and wanted to transition to the new work. So I needed everything. I needed a brand, but more importantly, I needed a plan! I was literally shocked when I spoke to my MODsocket consultant the first time. (I actually think I said this is too good to be true!) The conversation started with talking about what my personal life goals were, and how we could shape the business to achieve those goals! Who else does that?! Needless to say, I was hooked. The work is top notch. The business ideas are brilliant. And MODsocket has found a way to help me be confident that my new pursuits will not only work, but I can thrive doing it! This is one solution every business needs!

  • Dynamic Finishes | Lee's Summit, Missouri Harold Bradley

    I was an executive for year and have built, run and sold several companies. So my expectations for a marketing service were pretty high. When we found MODsocket, we had quite a bit of skepticism. They promote themselves as the marketing department for small business. For $50 a month? How can that be? Well after over a year, I can say this with hand over my heart. These guys ARE my marketing agency! Having worked with big agencies before, I can tell you there is no over promise with these guys. They deliver, and they deliver big time. Senior leadership and ideas, top grade, professional work done quickly and affordably. It is a small businesses dream come true. Glad we found them!



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