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Small or mid-sized, start up or established,
Successful marketing starts with a plan.

Whether you’re just ramping up or already well on your way, building a successful small or mid-sized business begins with smart marketing advice and a plan to implement it -- which is what you will receive from your MODsocket consultant. Our professional marketing advisors are the key to what makes us unique; and unlike any small-business marketing tool you’ll find.
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Frequently asked questions and answers

MODsocket covers a lot of bases so you don't have to. Here are answers to commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions, please use the Help and Resources link below to request assistance .. or call us on
(844) 573-3400.


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Questions & Answers

Questions about MODsocket Costs

My business is small. Can I afford MODsocket?

You can. We work with a wide range of small and mid-size businesses, from virtual start ups to well-established going concerns. One of the real advantages of our consultations and their resulting action plans is that we configure a workable plan of action that that takes into consideration your existing budget limitations. Rather than waste your time (and ours) with costly recommendations that you cannot realistically pursue, we suggest common sense, workable options that you can reasonably afford to implement. 

How much does it cost?

Your initial consultation call and custom marketing plan are FREE. After that, if you’d like to continue working with your consultant on an ongoing basis, as an advisor, coach and mentor, you simply sign up for our Personal Consulting Plan. For $50 per month, you have access to your own, dedicated marketing professional.

The tactics we recommend in your plan are priced on an ala carte basis, so cost to execute your plan can vary depending on how you decide to implement your plan. You can choose to purchase those products or services through our network of marketing providers or you can source them entirely on your own. The decision is 100% yours. 

How do I pay for services?

After you have received and reviewed your complimentary marketing plan, if you elect to proceed with any or all of your plan’s recommendations, and would like to source those marketing products and services through MODsocket, you simply provide a credit card number in the same way you would with any other ecommerce website. Once your card number is on file, you simply select the products or services directed in your plan. Your consultant will be happy to work with you to set up your account and guide you through the process.  

Questions about MODsocket consultations

What happens during the consultation call?

When you schedule an initial consultation with MODsocket, you’ll select the available date and time that best works within your own busy schedule. On that date, at that time, your MODsocket consultant will call the phone number you provided and will introduce himself or herself to you. Your consultant will ask you a variety of questions relevant to your business, such as your goals, your frustrations, who you’ve identified as your target audience, and any points of differentiation that you feel set your business apart from your competition. They will discuss with you a wide range of topics to help familiarize themselves with your unique business needs.

What happens during the follow-up call?

After your initial consultation, your consultant will digest and evaluate what you discussed. Your consultant will then craft a marketing plan of action designed to address your challenges and capitalize on identified opportunities. Because no two businesses are ever exactly alike, your plan is custom tailored to your specific set of circumstances. 

When the plan is completed, your consultant will schedule a follow-up call to review their recommendations with you. At the conclusion of your review, you can elect to move forward with all, some, or none of the recommendations we present. You can execute the tactics on your own, using your own resources, or you can engage MODsocket to assist you with the creation and implementation of your marketing materials. The decision is entirely yours to make.

Questions about our experts

How experienced are your consultants?

Our vision, from the very outset, was to bring big-agency style marketing expertise to small-business owners. Members of MODsocket’s management team all come from advertising-agency and corporate-marketing backgrounds. They have, over their years, developed and maintained relationships with other industry professionals. So, our consultants are sourced using a networking model. We began by hiring consultants with whom we have directly worked in the past. As our bench grew, our existing consultants have referred us to and connected us with their former associates, and so on. All MODsocket consultants are vetted for their level of expertise as well as for their years of service in the marketing sector.

MODsocket is not an off-shore call center or a phone bank staffed by beginners or scripted salespersons. From the very first call you schedule, you will be working with people who actually know the marketing business because they’ve actually lived the marketing business.

Can I request a particular consultant?

You can, but since our consultants all possess a similar level of expertise, our standard process is to connect you with a consultant who has open availability on the date and time most convenient for you. If multiple consultants are available, we’ll select the one we feel has the most experience in your business category. If, for some reason, after getting to know one another, you and your consultant don’t “click”, we’ll connect you with a new consultant or you can specify the consultant with whom you’d like to work.

Questions about membership

What do I get with my MODsocket membership?

You get assistance with growing your business with professional marketing. When you decide to join MODsocket, you are demonstrating your own commitment to achieving success. There are two very affordable membership plans from which to choose. Select the one that works best for you: 

Personal Consultant Plan

With your Personal Consultant Plan, you get long-term access to a professional marketing mentor who will help guide you through every stage of your business, as it evolves. You will receive:

  • Regularly scheduled update calls with your consultant to discuss changes in your marketing strategy and to make adjustments to your plan as your business grows. These include:
    • Weekly consultation
    • Campaign results review
    • Quarterly marketing plan review
  • Assistance with executing and implementing your marketing plan -- including allowing us to manage it for you if you’re too busy to do it yourself;
  • Your own Marketing Journal, a secured area on the MODsocket website where you can interact with your consultant, monitor your marketing activities and track progress;
  • Unlimited access to the MODsocket Marketing Resources library where you can find and order marketing services and materials at affordable prices;
  • Notification of special pricing on seasonal and promotional products or services that you can use to increase traffic and boost business.

Do-It-Yourself Plan

Our Do-It-Yourself Plan is ideal if you don’t feel you require the level of assistance provided through our Personal Consultant Plan. The Do-It-Yourself Plan is free and provides you with access to the entire MODsocket System, including the MODsocket Marketing Resources library that contains thousands of customizable templates and other valuable product and service offerings that you can use to create your marketing on your own. 

If you feel at some point that you need a more enhanced level of service, you can sign up at anytime for our Personal Consulting Plan. Or, you can buy ala carte service packages, such as one-time personal consulting sessions or custom design services, through your access to the MODsocket Marketing Resources library.

Questions about results

What kind of results can I expect?

The results you’ll achieve working with MODsocket, or any consulting service, are contingent on a variety of factors, not the least of which is the extent to which you follow your recommended plan of action. Other considerations that can influence results include current market conditions, the perceived quality of your product or service in the marketplace, the continuity of your sales messaging, and the reputation you’ve established, to name a few. The purpose of MODsocket is to maximize your chances for success given all these factors and more.

How soon will I see results?

Because marketing is an ongoing process and not a singular event, the time it will take to see results from your marketing efforts is contingent on several factors, three of the most important of which are: 1) Reach; 2) Frequency and; 3) Continuity.  

  • Reach refers to the size of the audience you are targeting. The more prospects you can afford to reach that fit your defined customer profile, the greater the chance of success. It is the total number of qualified individuals or households exposed to your message during a given period of time. 
  • Frequency is the number of times that each targeted individual or household is exposed to your messaging. To be successful it is important that you be persistent. The goal of frequency is to repeat the message often enough that your audience eventually absorbs and retains the message – and then acts upon it.
  • Continuity involves the length of time that your prospects are exposed to your message as well as the consistency of the messaging itself. As with frequency, repetition over time is the key. You must communicate the same message, time and again, until it is comprehended by your targeted prospect. This creates the awareness and recall that leads to trial. 

Questions about the company

If my plan is free, how do you make money?

People often ask how we make money when we offer our initial consultations and marketing plans free of charge? Here’s how we do it: 

  • First: By demonstrating value to small business owners through the expertise, advice and guidance our consultants provide, a significant number of customers elect to subscribe to our services on an ongoing basis for a low, monthly fee -- so they can continue working with their consultants as their small-business marketing needs evolve.  
  • Second: We work with our marketing-service providers in much the same way travel sites like KAYAK and Expedia work with airlines and hotels. We bring these providers so many customers that we are able to negotiate up-front, volume-discount pricing that includes a small percentage we receive from each transaction. In the same way that you pay less through the travel sites, you can pay less for marketing products and services through MODsocket than you would if you were to buy those same products and services on your own.

If I have a marketing manager on staff, can I still use MODsocket?

Absolutely. Use MODsocket as an extension of your in-house marketing personnel. We would work directly with your marketing manager to support their efforts, provide guidance and feedback, help craft strategy and assist with the design and execution of your marketing initiatives. We would not be a replacement for but, rather, an enhancement to the staff you already have.

What does the name ‘MODsocket’ mean?

Our name combines the acronym ‘MOD’, which is an abbreviation for ‘Marketing On Demand’, and the noun ‘socket’, which is a receptacle or outlet that links two things together in order to create a secure connection. The name represents the idea that MODsocket is your online “outlet” for plugging in to the marketing resources you need -- when you need them. We call that “Marketing On Demand”. 

More questions? Please contact us or schedule an appointment to speak with a marketing professional.

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MODsocket Delivers

You have access to a wide variety of marketing products and services custom created to meet your needs. Here is a small sampling of work we've done for other MODsocket members.

Print Materials
Direct Marketing
Audio & Video
Social & Search
Marketing Services

One size does not fit all. Every business is unique.

Your Consultant has the resources required to craft a plan that is right for your business.

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The MODsocket experience in our customers own words:

MODsocket gives us literally every marketing medium available today all in one place. We have weekly contact and the work is done quickly, on schedule and is beautifully executed. These guys are great!

Tom & Amy Gray | The Handy Camel | St. Louis, MO

MODsocket is a solution I count on weekly to help guide my business with insights and marketing knowledge I literally cannot find anywhere else. As for the work they deliver… fast, affordable…and incredible!

Cheryl Sharp | Me Thyme | New Jersey

I wanted to re-focus my dry cleaner business on wedding gown prep and storage. MODsocket gave me a solid plan to accomplish this, without sacrificing my existing business. I really wasn't expecting this level of dedication to my success.

David Finto | Finto Bridal | Dallas, TX

I needed a brand, but more importantly, I needed a plan! MODsocket found a way to help me be confident that my new pursuits will work and I can thrive doing it! The work is top notch. This is one solution every business needs!

Calvin Bonds | The Bug Ninja | Chicago, IL

These guys ARE my marketing agency! I can tell you there is no over promise. They deliver, and they deliver big time with ideas and top grade, professional work done quickly and affordably. MODsocket is a small businesses dream come true. Glad we found them!

Harold Bradley | Dynamic Finishes | Lees Summit, MO

Your institution of higher earning:

The MODsocket M School

The place to find tips and advice on small business marketing.

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Choose From
Two Affordable Plans

Pick a plan that best suits your needs.

As a MODsocket subscriber, you can select from two affordable plans. Both provide you access to the full network of marketing products, services, and support that only MODsocket delivers.



  • Initial Consultation FREE
  • Initial Marketing Plan FREE
  • Hundreds of marketing resources DIY Assistance

Personal Consultant


  • Initial Consultation FREE
  • Initial Marketing Plan FREE
  • Hundreds of marketing resources Do-It-For-You Assistance
  • Weekly Consultation INCLUDED
  • Quarterly Marketing Plan INCLUDED
  • Campaign Results Review INCLUDED
  • Long Term Commitment NONE