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Business Advertising and Brand Image

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Business Advertising and Brand Image

by Donovan Dillon Contributor

Posted on September 04, 2014 18:39 PM

The main goal of business advertising is to focus attention on what sets your company apart from your competitors. Your company brand is the promise you make to the customer about what you plan to deliver to them. Using these definitions, it is easy to see why small business advertising and branding go hand-in-hand.

More than a Logo

Although every company needs a logo that is easily recognizable and reminds customers of the particular product or service, brand imaging is much more than the font on your advertising, the colors in your background or the design of your logo. As part of your business advertising, it is important to keep your branding foremost in your mind, as you want your customer to immediately recognize that the advertisement they are viewing is from your company. Consider companies like Coca-Cola or Kellogg’s. Their advertising is often easy to recognize as the colors, scripts and messages are all connected to their brand. Coca-Cola portrays images of fun, relaxation and good times while Kellogg’s advertising campaigns revolve around waking up, health and family. This theme is apparent in all their advertising campaigns so that their brand is easily recognizable, and your small business advertising should do the same.

Advertising and Rebranding

There are times when a company must rebrand their goals, message and culture, whether due to changes in the market, scandal or other factors that may have caused company sales to drop. Well-known companies have had to create business advertising to refocus their target market and increase sales. Harley Davidson was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1985 until a new CEO took over, improved the product line and eliminated under-performing management. The rebranding improved the company’s bottom-line and increased their customer base significantly. McDonald’s, often chided for their unhealthy menu items, has rebranded itself with better choices, including salads, fruit included in children’s meals and premium coffees. Many of the restaurants look more like quaint coffee houses rather than fast food locations, further giving the impression of more upscale eating and healthier food choices. Although these are international businesses, they used small business advertising methods to rebrand their product and increase their customer base through marketing campaigns.

Building Your Brand

There are a few tips to keep in mind that will help build your company brand and carry that branding throughout your company. They include:

  • Go beyond the basics of customer service by providing something that adds value to customers' lives. Start a blog on your company website that offers advice and tips for customers or create email newsletters that give valuable information, coupons or other discounts.
  • Create the impression that your customers cannot live without your product or service. Once you understand who your customer is, it will be easier to determine what messages will reach your target market the best. In most cases, business advertising that makes a customer feel as if you and your staff are no different than they are, so you understand their needs better than anyone, is the best message to convey.
  • Keep your branding consistent in every platform you use for small business advertising. Whether a customer finds your company information on Facebook, in an email or on a postcard, your branding must be the same.
  • Remember that the goal is long-term customer relationships, not a one-time purchase focus. It is also important to avoid bombarding customers with information. Earn their trust with steady, consistent communication.

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About the Author

Donovan Dillon is President of Ad Giants - a Next Generation Marketing Services company specializing in software-as-a-service and creative solutions that improve sales and marketing effectiveness. Donovan has over 25 years of marketing, product management and technology planning experience. He was previously head of Marketing for Broadwing Communications, and has held senior marketing and technical positions with Level 3, XO Communications, and ATT.