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How to write a blog people actually read

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How to write a blog people actually read

by Greg Alban

Posted on March 07, 2017 17:58 PM

Chances are you’ve read a lot of blogs. Have you ever wondered what makes you follow one blog over another? What makes one blog more successful? It all comes down to content, and the way you develop, write and organize that content.

The best blogs entertain their audience. If you have a subject people relate to, by all means capitalize on that. If your style of writing is entertaining, engaging and interesting, people will want to follow your blog.

Here are some guidelines to developing and writing a successful blog:

Develop an interesting, relatable writing style

Think about it. The best blogs are like a conversation between you and your readers. In fact, your blog should talk to your audience’s needs, concerns,  and their interests.

Even more important, write like you speak. Be engaging, relatable and always involve your readers. Start out with a question to set up the subject of your blog and draw the reader in. Have a unique or unusual angle to your post. Consider how it will affect readers and what new ideas you can bring to the subject.

Open up with a grabber headline

This is the hook that will get your blog read. Without a great opening, your audience many never even click on your article. So how important is a great headline? According to Copyblogger, a whopping 80% of readers will read your headline, while only 20% will read the rest of the post.

Keep it simple. Forget the clichés, the puns and double entendre headlines. The simpler the better. Headlines that are clear, concise and easily understandable are the ones that get the clicks. Open up with a sentence that relates to your reader. The most important advice: think like your audience and relate to them at every turn.

Add Images

Today more than ever before, it’s a visual world. Which is why your post should include impactful images. The right images can evoke the desired emotion among your readers, as well as adding relevant, visual emphasis to your post. And don’t forget to add captions to keep the photos interesting and on target to your blog content.

Express a CLEAR opinion

Every post should have a clear point of view and a relevant opinion on what you are trying to convey. This is essential. You don’t need to stand on a soapbox screaming your opinion. But clearly explain your viewpoint as it relates to your post. In this way ,your blog will be more focused and also set you apart from other blogs.

Add substance to your blog

With so many blogs out there, readers may doubt what you say in your posts. Like any well-written newspaper or magazine article, a blog should substantiate its content. Include customer testimonials, quotes from noted experts in the field, research data that supports your post, and even opinions from noted experts.

Keep It simple

Ever wonder what keeps readers going back again and again to certain blogs?

Here it is in a nutshell: your blog should be easy to read. When someone glances at your blog, they should immediately recognize it as your post. Above all, make your content approachable: write in short paragraphs, keep the headlines clear and concise, and do anything possible to make your blog friendly and easily read.

By keeping your blog unique and speaking to your audience, you’re on your way to setting your blog apart. To learn more about how MODsocket can help take your small business marketing eforts to the next level, visit us online at 

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