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Pick Me! Pick Me! How To Cut Through The Noise.

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Pick Me! Pick Me! How To Cut Through The Noise.

by Donovan Dillon Contributor

Posted on October 21, 2008 17:30 PM

By Karl Woolfenden

Ad Giants Contributor

Consumers are faced with thousands of marketing messages every day, and it’s getting more and more difficult to cut through the "noise" and “clutter” if you want your message to be heard.

Over the past twenty years, advertisers have been battling to get audience "shelf space”, and the "Pick Me, Pick Me" strategy has had to move into the digital age.  Online, you see many of the traditional triggers used to drive emotional purchasing being employed in new media.  These include banner ads with headlines like,  "Win a weekend at a luxury spa" for cosmetic products, and promotions from beverage companies who are looking to capture the youth market by offering free iPod downloads when a consumer buys their brand.

These promotional mechanisms make the brand stand out from the competitors around it and, at the very least, it gets the consumer to "try" the product.  In effect, it entices the consumer to "Pick Them", rather than their competitor.

The same goes for any company, whether you’re a consumer brand or a business-to-business company.  A targeted, audience-relevant promotion helps tip the scale in favor of your company, and cuts through the noise.

Using life as the laboratory, it has been proven that promotions work.  How many of you look up at a lottery billboard, see the weekly jackpot, and say "Ahh, big deal, it's only $5,000,000 this week, I don't need to buy a ticket”?  But when the numbers increase, and the hype whips up, you’re more likely to respond by saying, "100,000,000 this week! I'll buy a ticket, just in case!”

In a continuing series of articles to be published here, we will be touching on a variety of ways you can use promotions to drive more business.  These will include :

·        Using promotions to create lead generation
·        Tradeshows and conventions: Driving more traffic to your booth
·        Seasonal promotions: When and where to use them
·        What is the right prize to hook my customers?
·        How to engage your employees with contests
·        Driving consumers through your doors
·        Using traditional media (Radio, Print, Billboards & Television) with interactive online tools
·        Advergames: The new way to deliver messages in entertainment
·        Reaching a target profile using "relevant" messages

We look forward to sharing our thoughts, and experience

About the Author

Donovan Dillon is President of Ad Giants - a Next Generation Marketing Services company specializing in software-as-a-service and creative solutions that improve sales and marketing effectiveness. Donovan has over 25 years of marketing, product management and technology planning experience. He was previously head of Marketing for Broadwing Communications, and has held senior marketing and technical positions with Level 3, XO Communications, and ATT.