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Small Business Marketing in the Best Cities to Open a New Business

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Small Business Marketing in the Best Cities to Open a New Business

by Donovan Dillon Contributor

Posted on March 20, 2014 18:43 PM

Small business marketing plays a crucial role in helping any new business achieve success, and it also helps if the startup is located in a city that is home to a thriving business culture. The Kiplinger Report recently published its list of cities considered  very startup-friendly, using criteria such as high concentrations of small businesses, low cost of living, and access to an educated workforce. In addition, they sought areas that offered startup investment money with a lower cost to businesses.



Dallas tops the rankings of cities for starting a new business. The cost of living is 0.6 percent below the national average, and there are over 2,000 small businesses per 100,000 residents. In a Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey, conducted in 2012, Dallas ranked among the 20 least expensive cities due to the low sales, property and utilities taxes, as well as a lower cost for business licenses. Nearly 80 percent of the businesses in the area are considered small. Although federal guidelines state that any company with 500 or fewer employees is considered a small business, the average is actually 20 or fewer employees. With good small business marketing in the Dallas area, a company could grow rapidly.


Kansas City

With a growing technical community, Kansas City ranked second in the Kiplinger Report, making it an excellent place to grow using good small business marketing techniques. This metropolitan area extends into two states, Missouri and Kansas, and the states work together to embrace and promote new businesses. Currently, they are working on reducing costs for startups, a downtown wireless district and collaborative space for tech companies. One innovation not found in other cities is the Kansas City Startup Village, which enables entrepreneurs to share office and living spaces at little or no costs, as well as several business incubators.



The right small business marketing campaign could help a new business thrive in the city of Atlanta. The city knows something about success;  in 1886, it was the birthplace of Coca-Cola. Today, it is the home of AT&T, UPS and Delta Airlines. Atlanta is home to 57 colleges and universities that provide a large number of skilled employees, and those colleges also offer quality assistance to entrepreneurs. Georgia Tech has offered a mentoring program since 1980, helping launch more than 130 tech companies.


Although these cities and the others on Kiplinger’s list offer an excellent opportunity to grow a small business, a small business marketing plan is still crucial for success. MODsocket can help elevate online marketing to the next level and can provide traditional marketing tools or website design to give your small business the personal touch. To learn more about how MODsocket can help take your small business marketing efforts to the next level, visit us at

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