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Social Media Marketing Tools – YouTube for Small Business

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Social Media Marketing Tools – YouTube for Small Business

by Donovan Dillon Contributor

Posted on May 22, 2014 17:52 PM

YouTube has become the second-most-used search engine, ahead of both Yahoo and Bing, making it one of the most important social media marketing tools available. Video has become a powerful tool for businesses on the Internet; however, to use videos successfully in small business marketing, it is important to follow a few tips.

Customize the Channel

Simply creating a YouTube channel is not enough. It is important to customize the channel, using company branding, colors that complement the look of the company, and relevant information. By setting up the channel, users have the option to subscribe to content by simply clicking a button, and they gain the ability to search specifically for your uploaded content. One customization that has been available since 2010 is auto-captioning, which allows those who are hearing impaired to follow the video as well, which makes this a valuable social media marketing tool. The process uses voice recognition, which does need to be edited for accuracy, but the process is not difficult. However, avoid using annotations as they look unprofessional, distract viewers and can be annoying, especially if they are overused.

Comment Editing

One of the best social media marketing tools available on YouTube is the ability for visitors to leave comments. Unfortunately, you will not be able to stop visitors from making offensive remarks or leaving spam links, but you can remove any that are not suitable for the site. It is crucial to use good judgment when removing comments, however. Do not remove all negative or critical comments, but respond to them politely. Any that contain offensive language or spam can and should be taken down as part of the small business marketing process. If there is any response to the removal, you may state that such comments or actions are not tolerated.

Engage with the Community

As with other social media marketing tools, setting up a YouTube channel and never visiting the site again will not benefit a small business marketing plan. Check content other than your own, mark other videos as “favorites” and connect with others throughout the YouTube community. Keep current with YouTube news (the site goes through major changes quite often, much like other social media marketing tools).  Be sure that the content in your channel is user-friendly. Create playlists so that visitors can find information easier, or move older content into dated folders. Since YouTube allows users to embed entire playlists into other websites, give considerable thought when creating titles, descriptions and creation of playlists as part of your small business marketing plan.

YouTube can be one of your most valuable social media marketing tools with proper handling. MODsocket can provide assistance in creating YouTube channels and helping with page optimization. To learn more about how MODsocket can take your small business marketing efforts to the next level, visit us at

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