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Your Real Estate Site and Landing Page Optimization

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Your Real Estate Site and Landing Page Optimization

by Donovan Dillon Contributor

Posted on November 07, 2013 18:12 PM

Real estate sites and interactive marketing strategies are ever-changing entities as the world becomes smaller due to the explosion in popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  In fact, recent research indicates that there are six billion smartphones in use in the world, accounting for almost 90 percent of the population.  Unfortunately, too many businesses forget that smartphone screens are smaller, that data takes longer to load, and that people using these devices are often looking for something quickly.  In fact, research shows that 75 percent of all those who search online make a decision within a few hours, while 36 percent make the decision immediately.  If your landing page is not optimized for mobile devices, those consumers may move to a competitor whose site is optimized.  Follow these simple tips to be sure your website is not losing mobile customers.


Size Matters

When developing an interactive marketing strategy that involves mobile devices, remember that the type of device your customers will use to access your real estate site is important.  Be sure that the page is scaled and the content condensed appropriately for the smaller screens on tablets and smartphones.  Be sure that both landscape and portrait modes load properly since mobile devices allow a user to view the screen in both directions.  Keep headlines to three or four words, and be sure that all copy on the page is necessary.  Mobile device users connect to websites on the go, and often do not take time to read extensive copy.  Remember that if a consumer has to zoom in to read the content, they may simply move on to another website that they can read easily, so keep fonts large enough that the average person can read without making the screen bigger.  Also remember that too many graphics slow loading time.  Keep the landing page to under 20 kilobytes so that it loads in less than five seconds.


Click to Call

Because most mobile users access websites while they are out running errands, shopping for a particular item, comparison shopping between stores, or, in the case of real estate sites, looking into a house they see for sale, offering them the ability to click a button to call with additional questions allows better interactive marketing.  Encourage them to call by offering a promotional rate or other benefit, such as discounts at local businesses.


Looks are Everything

Real estate site content needs to be in a single column with a call to action within the top 100 pixels of the phone screen, or “above the fold” as it was known in newspapers.  If you cannot get the call to action to fit at the top of the screen, add a teaser that encourages the reader to scroll further down the screen.  Also remember that most people use their thumbs to maneuver their phone screens, so any clickable areas need to be sized to accommodate thumbs of all sizes.  A common recommendation is between 38x38 and 44x44 pixels, with negative space between links.  There are plug-ins to make links “swipeable” and these plug-ins may also increase your customer interaction as swiping is easier on a smartphone than clicking.  Keep forms simple and only use them if necessary.  Forms lead to lower conversion rates in all types of interactive marketing, but they are even less popular among mobile device users.


Probably the best advice when creating an interactive marketing campaign for your real estate site that includes mobile devices is to test the site on a variety of devices prior to launching.  Following these simple tips will help you create a landing page that customers will find friendly whether they arrive there from a smartphone or while sitting at home on their computer.  For more information on real estate sites, or to learn more about the value small business marketing consultants can bring to your business, sign up for a free 30-day trial today!  Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About the Author

Donovan Dillon is President of Ad Giants - a Next Generation Marketing Services company specializing in software-as-a-service and creative solutions that improve sales and marketing effectiveness. Donovan has over 25 years of marketing, product management and technology planning experience. He was previously head of Marketing for Broadwing Communications, and has held senior marketing and technical positions with Level 3, XO Communications, and ATT.