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Smart Marketing - Easy as 1-2-3

Connect. Consult. Compete.

Speak with an Expert

Sign up to schedule a FREE, no-strings, personal consultation with a marketing expert. You’ll be assigned a personal marketing advisor who’ll consult with you to learn about your unique business challenges, your goals, your vision for growth, your competitive environment, your target audience, and other factors that drive and determine success.

Get help. Get a Plan

Using your input, your expert creates a FREE marketing plan of action specifically for you. Your consultant will evaluate the information you provide during your call and will prepare a custom marketing plan of action tailored to your unique needs. On a subsequent follow-up call, your consultant will review and discuss their recommendations with you.

Execute your Plan

You select which marketing tactics you’ll implement to give your business a competitive edge. Do none, do some, or do them all. You can elect to use our service providers or use your own. You pay only for any actual marketing products or services you purchase through MODsocket. If you do, you’ll receive special pricing we’ve negotiated with our partners.

Your Consultant
helps you start smart and keep on growing.

When you connect with MODsocket, you’ll be collaborating with experts. Our marketing advisors established their careers while working for large advertising agencies or corporate marketing departments at Fortune 500 companies.

Whether you are a startup or established business, your consultant can help you with advice and tactics to implement the strategy that is right for your business.

Startup Business

A Startup business has very distinct needs ranging from establishing your business identity to making a splash at launch and gaining sales momentum. Your MODsocket consultant can assist you with ideas, advice and execution support tailored to your needs, preferences and budget. Your consultant can assist you with:

  • Naming and defining a brand that differentiates you from competitors
  • Developing new branding elements and marketing resources such as logo, business card, website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, product brochure, sales presentation, and more.
  • Launch event/campaign planning.
  • Target market and list development.
  • Awareness and demand generation campaigns.
  • More ...

Established Business

As an established business your needs may include a strategy or brand and collateral refresh, help with a new product launch or a new store grand opening, expanding into a new sales territory, increasing sales in general or to offset seasonal variations, etc. Your MODsocket consultant can assist you address these and other needs with ideas, advice and execution support tailored to your business needs and constraints. Your consultant can assist you with:

  • Strategy and Brand refresh/makeover
  • Social Media integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Generation campaigns
  • Marketing content creation and management
  • PR campaign
  • More ...

Your consultant meets you where you are and can assist you with advice and execution support tailored too your business lifecycle and individual needs.

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Your Marketing Plan
is crafted to achieve your goals.

The goal of all marketing is to drive sales; however, that cannot be accomplished in a repeatable manner without a structured process to build then leverage a foundation for sales success. An effective foundation addresses the following primary marketing objectives:

  1. Understanding the Customer: Gaining insight into buyer needs, wants, and preferences
  2. Building the Brand: Creating or expressing business identity in text, audio, or imagery
  3. Building Awareness: Making the business visible to targeted buyers
  4. Generating Demand: Creating leads, identifying those ready to buy the business’ products and/or services
  5. Supporting Sales: Providing resources and/or materials to assist the sales process

We have a defined process to assist Clients in building this foundation. We call it The MODsocket Way.

Your Marketing Plan is the product of applying The MODsocket Way to your unique business circumstances, needs, goals, resources and constraints.

Each Marketing Plan reflects a strategy and tactics crafted to address each of these objectives in a way that accommodates your unique business requirements and conditions.

Marketing Objectives and Tactics

A core convention of The MODsocket Way is that a finite number of tactics can be employed to accomplish each of the five primary objectives. These tactics correspond to common marketing activities which can change over time as conditions change and new approaches to marketing are conceived.

Example Objectives and Tactics

Understand the Customer (Objective)

  • Primary Research (Tactic)
  • Secondary Research (Tactic)

Build the Brand

  • Defining/Improving Business Identity
  • Defining/Improving Key Messaging
  • Defining/Improving Visual Brand Elements

Build Awareness

  • Traditional advertising
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media

Generate Demand

  • Direct Sales
  • Referral Programs
  • Lead Generation

Support Sales

  • Marketing Collateral
  • Event Marketing

MODsocket Sample Marketing Plan

Click to view a sample marketing plan. Please note that your plan will be customized to address your specific business priorities and business needs.

MODsocket Sample Marketing Plan

Food Delivery Sample Plan

Your MODsocket Consultant considers all of these factors when crafting your unique marketing plan. The plan contains recommendations which include which marketing objectives to focus on (and in what order), the recommended tactics for addressing those objectives, and pricing for the specific MODsocket marketing resources to implement the recommended tactics. This approach makes it easy for you to view, consider and act on the recommendations.

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Ongoing Support
tailored to keep you growing.

MODsocket is the marketing department for small business. This includes comprehensive support offered in two plans that are tailored to meet differing needs.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Plan

The MODsocket DIY Plan is ideal for the person who wants to take a hands-on approach to Marketing. This plan offers the following:

  • FREE Initial Consultation
  • FREE Initial Marketing Plan
  • Access Hundreds of marketing resources (per item charges apply)
  • Ordering Assistance

Personal Consultant Plan

The MODsocket Personal Consultant Plan is ideal for the busy person who wants "Do It For Me" assistance with their Marketing. Your Consultant will work closely with you to set goals, collaborate and agree on tactics, execute on your behalf, review performance and adjust the plan and tactics as required. This $49.95/month plan offers the following:

  • FREE Initial Consultation
  • FREE Initial Marketing Plan
  • Access Hundreds of marketing resources (per item charges apply)
  • Do-It-For-You Ordering Assistance
  • Weekly Consultation
  • Campaign Results Review
  • Quarterly Marketing Plan Revision

Plugging in to The Marketing Department for Small Business is just one click away.